Project Roadmap

OpenLEADR is under development. The current version is 0.5.26.

Upcoming releases


Main features


Implement XMPP transport


Implement PKI with validations


openleadr 0.5.26

Released: 2 May 2022

This release fixes a problem where the VTN would not parse a single pending report correctly.

Bug fixes: - VTN ability to parse a single report

openleadr 0.5.25

Released: 9 April 2022

This version contains many fixes that were suggested by community members. Thank you so much for taking the time to find these and for reporting them.

Bug fixes: - Implemented Registration Cancellations - The VEN will now stop if the VTN did not accept the registration - The XML messages will now be logged more consistently if debugging is enabled - Fixed a deprecation warning from tzlocal (from apscheduler) - The VEN will now not re-send its report registrations after it was re-registered itself - VEN: Added duration to metadata reports - VEN: Removed eiReportID from metadata reports - VEN: Added dtStart to outgoing reports - VTN: Update the created_date_time anytime the Event’s status changes

openleadr 0.5.24

Released: 17 June 2021

Bug Fixes: - Modification Numbers could be incorrect when responding to multiple Events - Correction to an example in the documentation on reporting - Fixed an error in the default on_updated_event handler - Added support for PEM certificates that don’t contain a newline at the end

openleadr 0.5.23

Released: 22 March 2021

Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug in the on_created_event default handler when using the external polling method.

openleadr 0.5.22

Released: 25 February 2021

Bug fixes: - Restored fingerprint validation of VTN messages by the VEN

openleadr 0.5.21

Released: 24 February 2021

Bug fixes: - The fingerprint calculator used to be incorrect, which is now fixed - Added reply_to limit in the oadrRequestEvent template

New features: - Added support for oadrCreatedReport and on_created_report handlers

Changes: - More explicit response descriptions from the VTN when sending messages to the wrong endpoint

openleadr 0.5.20

Released: 8 February 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected the oadrRequestReregistration mechanism in both the VEN and the VTN

  • Include venID and requestID in oadrUpdateReport messages from the VEN

  • Show friendlier warnings when using invalid signal names and signal types.

New features:

  • Added possibility to use pre-allocated ven_id’s on the VEN side (thanks, @jmuraca)

  • Added hook points into the VTN’s message handling (first preliminary version)

  • Added a reference to the OpenLEADR VTN ‘server’ in the aiohttp ‘app’. This can be useful when you add your own custom routes (for internal API communication), and you need to reference the OpenLEADR server. It is available in the aiohttp requests under['server'].


  • The fingerprint_lookup function has been deprecated in favor of a ven_lookup function. This allows the VTN to better determine if a message should be processed or not. Please see the updated docs for more info.

openleadr 0.5.19

Released: 28 January 2021

Bug fixes:

  • The client now correctly communicates the modificationNumber of an event in the oadrCreatedEvent messages

New features:

  • Added the possibility to cancel events from the VTN side. Just call server.cancel_event(ven_id, event_id), and the event is scheduled for cancellation.

openleadr 0.5.18

Released: 22 January 2021

Bug fixes:

  • OpenLEADR now correctly communicates all active and upcoming events in the correct order on every eiRequestEvent or, if a new event was added, on the next oadrPoll action from the client.


  • Some more value checking in the reporting mechanism

  • Various restructurings of the code surrounding report registration and delivery

openleadr 0.5.17

Released: 5 January 2021

Bug fixes:

  • reportRequestID is now correctly set to 0 in the oadrRegisterReport message

  • The Content-Type header is now correctly set on all VEN requests, and the VTN will check for it.

  • x-LoadrControlPercentOffset contained a typo

  • The oadrRegisterReport reportDescription would contain an invalid default MarketContext, which is now fixed

openleadr 0.5.16

Released: 15 December 2020

Bug fixes:

  • Various bug fixes surrounding report registration. If your handlers returned only None or some incompatible values, it should now be much more graceful and helpful about it.

  • Some bug fixes surrounding the placement of the resourceID within the oadrRegisterReport messages.

  • Fixed parsing datetimes that don’t contain microseconds; it is now also compatible with datetimes that only provide milliseconds.

openleadr 0.5.15

Released: 15 December 2020

Bug fixes:

  • Restore Python 3.7 compatibility (got broken in 0.5.14)

New features:

  • You can now use a future instead of a callback function or coroutine when adding an event. This allows you to add and event and await the response in a single place.

  • You can now add events that don’t require a response, and the VEN will no longer respond to events that don’t expect a response. In this case, your on_event handler may still, but does not need to, return an opt status. The returned opt status will be ignored in that case.

openleadr 0.5.14

Released: 15 December 2020

New features:

  • Added support for a status callback to the server.add_raw_event method, just like the server.add_event method.

API changes:

  • Removed the stale method and replaced it with a coroutine that does the same as server.run_async().

Bug fixes:

  • Removed a naming inconsistency in the objects.ActivePeriod object.

  • Silently cancel running tasks when stopping the client or server.

  • Implemented the full duration regex for parsing timedeltas.

  • Various improvements to the test suite and some stale code cleanup.

Other changes:

  • Changed the way openleadr is packaged, dropped the setup-time inclusion of the VERSION file.

  • OpenLEADR is now also available under the previous name pyopenadr. A new version of pyopenadr will be released in lockstep with new versions of openleadr. pyopenadr only contains an __init__ file that does from openleadr import *.

openleadr 0.5.13

Released: 10 December 2020

New features:

  • This version adds support for the oadrRequestEvent on the VTN side.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where messages from the VTN that did not contain an EiResponse field caused a KeyError in the VEN (#33).

openleadr 0.5.12

Released: 10 December 2020

New features:

  • Events now cycle through the correct ‘far’, ‘near’, ‘active’, ‘completed’.

  • The Client now implements the on_update_event handler, so that you can catch these event updates separately from the regular event messages.

  • Added support for the ramp_up_period parameter on the server.add_event method.

Bug fixes:

  • The OpenADRServer would block oadrPoll requests when no internal messages were available. This has been corrected.

  • Some left-over print() statements have been removed.

  • Nonce caching was badly broken in a previous version, this has now been fixed.

openleadr 0.5.11

Released: 3 December 2020

New features:

  • This update makes the list of Targets available as a dictionary of targets grouped by their type.

  • You can now add Targets to events in multiple ways (target, targets, and targets_by_type).


  • The member names of the ‘measurement’ objects or dicts have been changed to be consistent everywhere:
    • item_name -> name

    • item_description -> description

    • item_units -> unit

    • si_scale_code -> scale

    This way, the parameters to client.add_report() are consistent with the Measurement object and the dicts that are passed around. Additionally, there is extra validation to prevent sending invalid measurements, and hints to correct any mistakes.

openleadr 0.5.10

Released: 1 December 2020

Bug fixes:

  • The on_created_event handler is now expected to receive the parameters (ven_id, event_id, opt_type). This was already in the docs, but not yet in the actual implementation. This has now been fixed.

openleadr 0.5.9

Released: 1 December 2020

New features:

  • Added the ven fingerprint to the registration_info dict for the on_create_party_registration handler. This allows the VTN to verify the fingerprint upon registration, even when the VEN does not have a venID yet.

Changes: - Converted the OpenADRServer.add_raw_event method to a normal (synchronous) method.

Bug fixes: - The EiResponse.response_code would not always show up correctly, this is now fixed.

openleadr 0.5.8

Released: 30 November 2020

New features:

  • Added the ven_id to the list of parameters for the on_register_report handler, so that this handler can know which VEN is registering reports

  • Updated documentation to reflect the current API of OpenLEADR

openleadr 0.5.7

Released: 27 November 2020

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a typo in the EventService.on_created_event placeholder function

openleadr 0.5.5

Released: 23 November 2020

New features:

  • Message signing now uses the correct C14n algorithm, as required by OpenADR

  • Preliminary VEN support for multiple events in one DistributeEvent message

openleadr 0.5.4

Released: 23 November 2020

New features:

  • Preliminary support for TELEMETRY_STATUS reports

  • Changed the server.add_event to be a normal function (not a coroutine), which allows you to call it from a synchronous function if needed.

openleadr 0.5.3

Released: 20 November 2020

New features:

  • Support for custom units in Reports is back, and is now compliant with the XML Schema.

  • Support for specifying the measurement (unit) in an EventSignal is added, and builds on the work of the report units.

openleadr 0.5.2

Released: 19 November 2020

Bug fixes:

  • The ‘full’ report data collection mode now works correctly

  • Various codestyle improvements and cleanup

Known issues:

  • The support for out-of-schema measurements in repors has been removed, because they would not pass XML validation. We are exploring solutions to this problem. Track the progress here: Issue #20

openleadr 0.5.1

Released: 19 November 2020

New features:

  • When using SSL connections, the client will provide server side SSL certificates. The VTN will verify the fingerprint of these certificates against the known fingerprint for that ven. This should complete the VEN authentication process.

Bug fixes:

  • Report messages now validate according to the XML schema. A few corrections were made to the templates from version 0.5.0.

Known issues:

  • The support for out-of-schema measurements in repors has been removed, because they would not pass XML validation. We are exploring solutions to this problem. Track the progress here: Issue #20

openleadr 0.5.0

Released: 16 November 2020

First release to

New features:

  • This release implements reporting functionality into the client and the server. This is a major new area of functionality for OpenLEADR.

openleadr 0.4.0

Released: 16 November 2020

Only released to git.

New features:

  • This release implements XML Message Signing for client and servers.